Debts collection

In case you dispose of the claim which your debtor has not paid and does not intend to pay, we are ready to assist in this matter from the initial call for payment to recover the amount through the courts and possibly enforcement of judgment.
At the beginning of each debt collection, we will challenge the debtor on your behalf. In case of successful payment of the debt by the debtor after our call, is our provision 10% of the paid amount.
 In the event that the debtor does not pay anything, we provide this service - writing and sending calls free of charge.

Subsequent debt enforcement through the court we provide for our standard hourly rate or an agreed remuneration together to the granted costs for legal representation by decree 177/1996 in case of success on the merits. In case of failure in the matter we work only for an hourly rate or an agreed remuneration.

In the event of success, if its necessary to exact your claim thru the way of enforcement of judgements - execution, this service will be provided free of charge for you, and our reward will be again in the form of legal fees in enforcement proceedings pursuant to decree 177/1996.